Personally I am:

  • A father to a 15 year old son
  • I Enjoy hiking in nature.
  • I love to read “how to” books – apparently I have a kindle book addiction!  my kindle account records 536 books and counting… there are probably only 5 which are novels!
  • Love a Chinese exercise called Qigong (kind of like tai chi)
  • Divorced and in a loving relationship.
  • From the sunny east coast of South Africa, now living in the beautiful Hills of Natal
  • I can hyperfocus – an ability to intensely focus on one task
“Many scientists, writers, and artists have very successful careers, in large part because of their ability to focus on what they’re doing for hours on end,” says Nadeau.
  • I believe in continuous learning and professional development, and I love what I do.

Professionally I am:

  • Transitioning into the IT Information Security Industry and Cyber Security
  • Passionately devour everything on Infosec, youtube instructional vids, podcasts, blogs and of course my CISSP, CEH, Comptia Security +  N+ and CCNA books. (not all at once!!!)
  • Seeking Mentorship- I believe its absolutely essential to have expert mentors to assist your career in Infosec & cyber security and personal development, and in this field its even more valuable. Nobody succeeds in a vaccum, and there are some truly amazing people who have mastered what we want to achieve, these kind generous and successful people can make all the difference by providing expert advice and guidance in your career pathway.
  • I come from an IT technical background steeped in testing and QA leading on to specialized deployment of client software.
  • Deployment and Integration / general api and server setups and integrations between SQL and a ASP &.Net web based GUI
  • Have Managed a team of developers
  • Was a web design specialist – specialising in designing websites for marketing and increasing response rates…

Some Random Stuff About Me:

  • I have lived in Malta, Ireland, the UK, travelled to the USA got married there(in Annapolis, Chesapeake bay – opposite the naval academy)…. and
  • After all my traveling I decided to move back to South Africa, there’s no place like home..
  • Love Cats AND Dogs.
  • I am a natural Autodidact (someone who willingly continuously and actively seeks out knowledge)*
  • Love Africa and the wilderness – I have travelled the world and keep coming back to the contrasts of Africa, the love the culture and the challenges.
  • I have saved some fellow hikers on a mountain hike in winter in the Drakensburg mountains, from freezing to death, by staying in the cold (-12 degrees Celsius our hiking guide told me) wind and making a fire out of cowpat(cow dung – it was too high in altitude in the mountainside for trees and wood) and serving them warm sugar water /tea – some of them even came back for seconds
  • Almost forgot, I like eating out… can you tell?

*for more information about the benefits of autodidactism check my brief article out here