An autodidact is someone who actively seeks out knowledge about things he or she is passionate or curious about.

An autodidact is a self-educator, someone who is a teacher and a learner at the same time

This is primarily achieved by self administered education, primarily from reading books or consuming any information or media (videos, courses, podcasts, books, e books, audio-books etc)

virtually any authoritative material is considered an appropriate body of knowledge

The chief difference between a formal education approach and the auto-didactic approach is that its a process that is owned and driven by the autodidact themselves, who often has a passion for the subject or curiosity and this is so overwhelming that a traditional education on the subject may not be enough, fast enough or not structured in the best way for an autodidact to consume information.

Key Features of Autodidactism

  • The self-learner has full control over their learning (from topic to knowledge depth, to study hours and learning approach)
  • Autodidacticism is often spurred by the individual’s passion and thirst for knowledge
  • Unlike conventional educational settings, autodidacticism is a conscious, self-imposed activity the learner takes great pleasure in


Someone who owns and drives their own education process – largely because it is passion driven

  • An Autodidact is someone who critically and willingly seeks out knowledge.
  • I am always continuously making a focused attempt to acquire new knowledge, in a private setting, ie at home or through some informal process. (not a university as the formal structure and method of learning would be way too restrictive and slow for my tastes)
  • To be an autodidact is not mean you have superior cognitive abilities it has more to do with embracing an approach where you own and pursue your own learning.
  • I have a need to acquire and seek out more knowledge – this has resulted in me accumulating an impressive and deep array or body of knowledge in diverse subjects
  • Autodidacticism is by definition the informal, private, self-teaching process during which the self-educator gathers, processes, absorbs, and uses new knowledge.
  • Knowledge is not limited to books, virtually any material is considered an appropriate body of knowledge (videos, audiobooks, books, podcasts, courses etc)
  • Autodidacticism is the result of human inquisitiveness, the urge to engage with lifelong learning on a discipline or matter you are passionate about.

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Autodidacticism is greatly advanced when you have a fit, strong memory. A good memory helps you process and understand new knowledge at your own pace by recalling it often for deeper, critical processing.

Autodidacticism is a completely beneficial habit to acquire. It ensures you learn things of true interest that help you become a better qualified person in what you love and are passionate about. Being a self-taught individual gives you a discerning edge over those who don’t engage with lifelong self-directed learning.

If there’s a good time to become an autodidact, it’s now!

I wholeheartedly agree with the bolded statement above, slowly this habit gives you more knowledge than most people who dont engage in continuous learning, giving you a continuous winning edge in business and life.

Its fun, as you are learning things you are passionate about, why wouldn’t you delve into what you love?