Updates & Software upgrades
Sudo apt-get update updates your package lists for upgrades to packages that need upgrading
sudo apt-get upgrade fetches new versions of packages existing on the machine
How To Unfreeze Your Machine if OS has Frozen
sudo pkill -9 program1
ctrl alt esc
ctrl alt backspace
ctrl+alt+T open a terminal
gnome-system-monitor opens the graphical interface where you can kill rogue processes.
Cut And Paste 
ctrl+insert copy
shift+delete cut
shift+insert paste
ctrl shift V paste in terminal
ctrl shift C copy in terminal
ctrl shift f find
ctrl shift w close terminal window
From Terminal
 cp or mv copy or move
sudo apt-get upgrade  Vsudo apt-get upgrade
 sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get upgrade

Terminal Commands more focused on hacking: Most of these are curated so I did not create them themselves so included link back to authors contend as a thank you and boost to their SEO

Here is a great library of free booklets and graphics for linux terminal

Free Downloadable Cheet Sheets Attribution Link
File Transfer Cheat Sheet From Fred Go Check out Fred https://www.cheatography.com/fred/cheat-sheets/file-transfers/
check out Free Electrons for the original resource -links remain unaltered in origial document