At the heart of every successful business there are successful men and women,

and it is as an extension of their personal development -that their business success grows.

  • In this article you will learn, not just how to motivate yourself – but how to sustain high levels of motivation during every day..
  • You will discover how to become the top expert in your field – and how to leverage that to your financial benefit…
  • How to become a better person all round, because you cannot outperform your own level of development. – work harder on yourself than you do on your job. (Learnt from Jim Rohn)

It is out of a great well of personal discipline, right actions and behaviours that create and nurture success…

Just as there are bad habits that lead to failure in life, that should be avoided…There are positive actions behaviours, beliefs and values – crystallised into habits that make success an inevitability.

Its not an event but the result of consistent commitment to doing the right things that bring about favourable results..

to quote Jim Rohn,“Your income seldom exceeds your personal development.” Jim Rohn

“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.” – Jim Rohn

Success Principles

  1. Continuous Learning Professional & Personal Development:
  2. You should read in your industry every day for at least 30 minutes (or as much as you can – usually much more!)so that by the end of the year you have read several books on your professional career and also your personal development.. this will result in a few years in you being the most educated person in your field… and as a result you should be the most sought out (a clue – also learn about marketing yourself so that you will also be seen as the very best)
  3. By the end of 5 years you will have read more than any PHD in your industry and will thus have more knowledge and if youve been putting what you learn into practice, you will be the absolute best… and deserve the increased income that being amongst the top 5% of the top 20% can produce.
    • you cannot outperform your level of development as a person therefor read and ingrain the habits of the highly successful people…
    • all successful people have LIBRARIES of books in their home, and these are not just novels
    • attend training and courses, you should spend about 25% of your income in investing in your development..
    • listen to audio –
  4. Have A Daily Routine that turns you into a powerhouse:
    1. Just as you need to shower daily you need to also motivate yourself daily…good old Zig Ziglar used to say… when people said “motivation doesn’t last” – he said, “Neither does a shower, that’s why we recommend you do both – DAILY…”
    2. A good way to motivate yourself is to Daily listen to audio mp3’s from speakers such as:
      • Earl Nightingale
      • Zig Ziglar
      • Brian Tracy
      • Tony Robbins
      • Jim Rohn
    3. What I do is listen to these guys either in the car or in the morning after ive showered and am working on my daily To do list
    4. To turn yourself into a powerhouse of motivation, make yourself goal driven and success oriented you need to include THE Daily Routine that includes the following activities,
      • reading,
      • affirmations,
      • exercise, improves blood flow to the brain
      • exercises that strengthen your focus and concentration(I use meditation)
      • visualisation
      • get enough sleep
    5. I recommend a book by Hal Elrod for this, its called “the miracle morning” to help you get into this amazing daily practice. – it made a huge difference in my life.
  5. Have a great attitude that is conductive to being productive and effective… some people go to work with a morose sad or even worse a chip on their shoulder… don’t do it, its only hurting you… the only positive thing you can do is control your attitude at work or college and at everything you do.  Its much easier and brings great benefits.
  6. one of the greatest things I can see that creates successful people – is a sense of ownership of responsibility, essentially they see everything in their life as a result of their own doing, and accept full responsibility for both failures and successes…
  7. Taking Responsibility:  this is called having an internal locus of control – IE you control your universe (as much as you can) and the opposite of this is where everything else controls your life, the government, the tax, the economy, no opportunities… which leads to feelings of helplessness and an inability to change your life…
  8. Its a much more beneficial stance to believe you are responsible for your outcomes, then – it allows you to change them… if you take responsibility for everything it gives you POWER
  9. Always work from a To Do list, I should have learned it earlier but it was one of those occasions when it just clicked… I learned this lesson well from Gilda Hallinan, by seeing it in action… Who was a lovely boss in ireland, one of the best I’ve had the pleasure to work with.

Thanks for reading my article about success, I hope some of it was beneficial to you… Next article – I will post some of my favourite methods for productivity, including an ABC method of dividing up your tasks which will free you up to concentrate on the most important tasks and remove some unnecessary tasks, A way to divide your time that keeps you at 100% focus and productivity throughout the productive part of your day.

Hail! Stay Strong!

Kind Regards