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please note if you belong to one of the professions or industries (eg: law, doctors, chiropractors, homeopaths, dentists, plastic surgeons, financial advisors, finance) that are heavily regulated and aggressively against marketing – see my page on this – there is ALWAYS a way around almost any roadblock to your success… it just takes a bit of creativity and having the right motivation.

Copywriting (getting you the money)

Direct Response Copywriting by my definition –  copywriting – is not just content, nor is it creative or clever – it has one function, and that is to get the reader to take action and ultimately the overarching purpose is to purchase something. ie to make sales happen.

Whether that is taking out his wallet and buying a product or service immediately,(sales copy – in other words making your client buy)… A good example of this would be:

  • sales letters
  • Video Sales Letters
  • sales pages on websites
  • launch funnels
  • landing pages(which sell a low entry product)
  • about pages
  • home pages

Lead Generation Campaigns and Copy:

(lead generation)

Which can be lead generation pages where you give away some free report, a video, an audio book, a podcast or even physical products… in order to get the clients details for further marketing.

  • landing pages purely to capture leads
  • Explainer videos
  • email autoresponders that maximise conversions & upsells and build trust and nurture, so that they choose to purchase from you.

For a price on any of these please contact me