Who would benefit most from working with me.

  • A Responsive List : You have an email list or contact information of existing clients (if you don’t you may want to learn how to build a list) preferably of clients that like to hear from you(this can be created with a bit of mentoring) if you dont have a “hot and responsive” list – its not a deal maker, it just means we have a lot of work to do…
  • Ideally I prefer to deal with 1) entrepreneurs, 2) who understand and value copywriting and direct response marketing – the power of making money directly from good marketing.
  • You already are marketing via magazines, online and offline.
  • You need a website or want one set up.

Also – I enjoy helping people so If you don’t have/fit all the above, I still want to hear from you – sometimes your industry or situation could present an opportunity for both of us – that you may or may not be able to see – so feel free to email me if you have a business or idea or need help with copy.