Personally I am:

  • A father to a 14 year old son
  • enjoys hiking in nature
  • Love a Chinese exercise called Qigong (kind of like tai chi)
  • Divorced and about to remarry !!!
  • From the sunny east coast of South Africa, now living in the beautiful Hills of Natal
  • ADD, but have mastered it and turned it into a gift, becoming a walking encyclopedia
  • I believe in continuous learning and professional development…

Professionally I am:

  • A direct response copywriter
  • a web design specialist – specialising in designing websites for marketing and increasing response rates…
  • been marketing online since 2006
  • Passionately devour everything on copywriting and direct response marketing
  • Keenly learn from the best wherever possible, even by dissecting their work  and marketing (In no particular order) : such as Clayton Makepeace, Dan Kennedy, Parris Lampropoulous, David Garfinkel, David Deutsch, John Carlton, Gary Bencivenga, Brian Kurtz, Jay Abraham, Gary Halbert I could go on forever… Frank Kern, Yannik Silver, Joe Polish, Joe Sugarman, Dan Rosenthal… ok my typing hand is getting tired… but sincerely I love all that these people have inadvertently taught me…and I am forever grateful…

Some Random Stuff About Me:

  • I have lived in Malta, Ireland, the UK, travelled to the USA got married there(in Annapolis, Chesapeake bay – opposite the naval academy)…. and
  • After all my travelling I decided to move back to South Africa, there’s no place like home..
  • Love Cats AND Dogs
  • Love Africa and the wilderness – I have travelled the world and keep coming back to the contrasts of Africa, the love the culture and the challenges.
  • I have saved some fellow hikers on a mountain hike in winter in the Drakensburg mountains, from freezing to death, by staying in the cold (-12 degrees Celsius our hiking guide told me) wind and making a fire out of cowpat(cow dung – it was too high in altitude in the mountainside for trees and wood) and serving them warm sugar water /tea – some of them even came back for seconds
  • Almost forgot, I like eating out… can you tell?